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Charter Tips & FAQs


Selecting the right charter can be a time consuming processes.  You can avoid a lot of problems for yourself and your group members if you shop carefully.  By contracting Active Coaches to arrange your charter, you are assured the bus and coach carrier companies have answered the following questions satisfactorily, making your shopping process less cumbersome.

  • Establish whether there is sufficient insurance coverage.  Active Coaches only partners carrier companies which carry a minimum of R 100 million Passenger Liability Insurance per incident.
  • Ensure that the coach has passed regular mechanical inspections. Nothing can ruin a trip more than a mechanical breakdown.  Active Coaches insists the coaches contracted have had Safety Inspections every 3000km and before and after every overland trip.  We also confirm that the coaches have their major services every 15000km and their Annual Certificate of Fitness service covering everything on the bus.
  • The drivers must be trained and all certificates and permits must be in place.  Active Coaches works with carriers whose drivers are trained in dealing professionally with passengers, and have completed Driving Technique courses.  
  • Discuss coach size and what level of luxury you want. Be thorough in discussing your needs and any amenities with Active Coaches. We will ensure your requirements are met, avoiding surprises and discomfort later.
  • Understand the policies for deposits, final payments, cancellations and refunds.  This will prevent misunderstandings and ensure bookings are correctly executed.  Active Coaches will detail these policies on all our quotes to you.
  • Find out about any add-on costs which may not be part of the quote. These may be tolls, parking fees, porters' costs, deviations from the itenerary, meet and greets, drivers' meals and accommodation or other special arrangements.  Active Coaches will do our utmost to establish and inform you of add-on costs you may encounter based on your itinerary and requirements.


  • How far in advance should I book our trip?  To get the widest range of options, the sooner you book your transport, the better, especially if your trip is planned for peak season.  Active Coaches is able to assist with short notice of up to a week in advance, but this could limit your coach choices.
  • Can we take food and beverages on the bus?  Yes you may bring your own food and beverages.  We will supply trash bags and request you keep the coach clean and tidy.  Active Coaches would appreciate the opportunity to quote on snacks and drinks for your trip.
  • Can we smoke on the coach?  No, but we can make rest and smoking stops as needed (within reason).
  • Can certain passenger be collected / dropped off at points other than those on the itinerary? Even though it is unadvisable delaying or deviating the coach from the arranged itinerary, Active Coaches would like to accommodate your needs.  Stops to pick up / drop off certain passengers can be made, but those would be charged for. 
  • Is driver's gratuity included in the quote?  A tip for the driver is always appreciated, but is not included in the charter quote.  It is at the sole discretion of the group.

We are committed to superior service levels.

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